AEF to establish chapter in Idaho

Richard Van Dyke co-founder and director of operations for the American Evergreen Foundation (AEF) from 1996- 2005 will launch a new chapter in the great state of Idaho. AEF will introduce it’s very successful “Conservation through Participation” projects and programs. AEF offers opportunities for people and communities to participate in hands on conservation projects and programs. Newly appointed director of Idaho operations Richard Van Dyke told us; “We are so excited to bring our successful conservation programs to the people of Idaho. I am a new resident to the state and can’t tell you what a wonderful place it is, and look forward to getting started.” AEF’s first goal will be to define our involvement in the state, build partnerships and bring the same commitment we had in our successful programs in the Sierra/Nevada, NV, CA as well as southern Nevada, southern and central California.”

American Evergreen Foundation established in 1996 is a nonpolitical organization that focuses on environmental/conservation education and bringing people and communities together in positive “Conservation through Participation” grassroots projects.

AEF provides people and communities nationwide an opportunity to learn about the environment that surrounds us through hands-on opportunities, in the classroom (k-6th grade) environmental education, and environmental conservation educational television programming.

AEF works together with federal, state, county and city agencies as well as other environmental groups, private landowners on important environmental and educational projects and programs.

AEF Idaho Contact info:
Richard Van Dyke
888 872-4733


2 responses to “AEF to establish chapter in Idaho

  1. Idaho is a natural for AEF, and so gland your here. Love your conservation though participation programs. I planted a lot of trees in the Tahoe Basin, CA, NV with the Junior Rangers .

    Welcome to Idaho!

  2. Welcome to Idaho!

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