Hot Dogs Plant Trees!


Establishing Financial Independents one Hot Dog at a time!

Longevity for any nonprofit in a changing world is based on an ability to change with the times. We at the American Evergreen Foundation (AEF) work with a 100% volunteer staff so the full amount of every donation, fundraiser, etc. goes to our projects and programs. Regardless of the large cost savings of an all volunteer staff a lot of people forget that we have other cost; trees, insurance, transportation, project supplies and equipment. So even with a volunteer staff we are always looking to raise needed funds to drive projects and programs.

The problem: Raising funds for environmental education and conservation projects seems like an easy task as most will say they are, “proud protectors and supporters of Mother Nature.” Sadly few donate in support of her, when was the last time you did?

We could sit around and feel sad for ourselves or simply think of different ways to raise needed funds. Working at it for over a year, test marketing, we found we can sell Hot Dogs and make enough money to plant over 50,000 trees. WOW you say, and yes it is true! We need to understand, we have to sell a equal amount of Hot Dogs so it is not a walk in the park but it can, and well be done. You see everyone eats, so we found that people are happy to pay a little extra for a great Hot Dog, specially knowing they are planting a tree. Good food and helping the environment, easy sell.

Now can we sell you? We have a volunteer  workers, we have done our homework test marketing and feel we have a real long term income generator. We just have to come up with a onetime (start up) amount of $12,000 and we have our equipment and we are off and selling Hot Dogs and planting trees for many years to come.

Please consider making just a onetime donation and help us meet our goal and establish a program that allows us to raise our own ongoing funds, and become independent. Help us break the cycle of having to continually seek outside support.  We can and well be successfully with just a little help from you.

Please visit our > donation page < as there are many ways you can help. We just need a little help this one time, and we will do the rest


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