It is that time of the year to think about giving

There is no doubt for many the thought of giving, simply the ability to give is out of the question in these hard times. In fact many are in great need of help themselves. For those, we give our blessings and well wishes as most find the times we are in to be so very difficult. For those who might be in a more fortunate situation to consider giving this year, we hope you might consider a gift to help in the support of our environment.

The American Evergreen Foundation, established in 1996 is a nonpolitical, non-profit organization that focuses on environmental/conservation education and brings people and communities together in positive “Conservation through Participation” education and hands-on grassroots projects. The American Evergreen Foundation, is operated and maintained by an all volunteer staff and 100% of all gifts in the form of a donation are dedicated to environmental education and hands-on conservation projects.

The American Evergreen Foundation offers many different options in regards to giving a donation. We hope you might consider supporting are never ending effort to educate, enlighten and involve.

Help us reach our goal to leave a healthier environment for the next generation, and the next.

> To learn how you can through a gift aid in our effort

What we do in Life Echoes in Eternity

We thank you for your consideration


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