Tahoe Needs You


On Tuesday, April 2nd, the Senate Committee on Natural Resources will hear the Save Tahoe Bill, which calls for the total repeal of SB271.

Special interests are fighting to remove 40 years of environmental protections from one of the most beautiful and fragile bodies of water in the world. If we can make sure that our legislators know that Nevadans care deeply about this issue, and that we stand with them, it won’t matter what those interests do. We can win this fight. But only if we act.

If you haven’t done so yet, please click on the “act now” button and tell the members of the committee to vote Yes on SB229, the Save Tahoe Bill. Forward the message to your friends.


We need to show up in force for this one. Attend the Tuesday’s hearing if you can, or watch it through the Nevada Legislature’s online feed. Follow @NVconservation as we live-tweet the hearings. Share our Facebook posts that link to this email action. Sign our petition.
It’s go time. Pass it on.


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